My name is Gil and I have been an architect/developer in numerous fields. First I developed compilers for various computer systems, most notably the Fortran optimizing compiler for the Convex super computer. Then I became a Java developer for standalone and web apps in the insurance, telecommunications and Oil & Gas industries. Now I am an app developer for Apple devices and computers.

15 Puzzle Plus is my first iPhone app. It is a puzzle I enjoyed playing as a child and it was a good vehicle for learning Xcode, Swift and the App Store’s submission process.

Address Label Creator is my first iPad app. My goal was to provide a business app with a straightforward workflow, simplifying the steps involved in creating custom return address, address and shipping labels.

Direct Search is my first universal app. My goal was to provide a productivity app that reduced search effort. Search engines provide pages of search results in the form of links. Finding the relevant links requires reading through the links and visiting multiple websites. Direct Search queries multiple associated websites using the same search criteria and presents search results as a set of stacked mini-browser that can be easily examined for the most pertinent ones.