Address Label Creator

Design custom address labels from predefined templates. Populate label sheet with addresses from an address list constructed from manual entries, contacts, saved lists and/or spreadsheets, each with its own repetition count. Preview the label sheets before printing. Save design and address list to device. Supports all Avery A4 and Letter return address, address and shipping label products plus all Unistat and Herma rectangular A4 label products.


1. Step-by-step workflow, each with 1 or more sub-steps:

Step 1: Start new design or restore saved design

  • Select a country postal format from a list of 58 countries
  • Select an A4 or Letter return address, address or shipping label size
  • Select a provided label template
  • Turn an address label into a shipping label and vice versa
  • Resize and reposition any label object – address, image, line

Step 2: Select text properties, add image, add label background, add label border

  • Use any available iOS font and its font styles
  • Text can be any color selected from a color wheel or entered as a hexadecimal value
  • The first line of text can have its own text properties distinct from those of the remaining lines
  • Select images from device photos or supplied clip art
  • Select monogram’s font, letter and color, and optionally encase in a circle or oval frame.
  • Shipping address line separator can be of varying thickness and of any color
  • Optional label background can be any color or device photo of varying opacity
  • Optional border can be of varying thickness and of any color

Step 3: Construct address list

  • Build a list of addresses by entering them manually, selecting contacts with addresses, selecting a saved list and/or importing addresses from a CSV spreadsheet
  • Manage address list – edit or delete an address; print, export to a CSV spreadsheet
  • Save address list to device; restore later

Step 4: Examine label sheet’s product specifications; mark unusable labels on 1st sheet

Step 5: Preview label sheets

  • Specify how many times each address is to be replicated on the label sheets
  • Adjust label sheet margin when printed results are not perfectly aligned within the label boundaries
  • Review label sheets for accuracy before printing to label sheet
  • Print outlined labels and overlay on label sheet to check label content lines up correctly

Step 6: Print label sheets to an AirPrint enabled printer or save to a PDF file for printing later or elsewhere

2. Save design to device and restore in another session

3. Detailed User Guide with FAQs within app and on support website

4. Quick Tour of each step and its features