Direct Search

Cut search time down by searching directly a related set of URLs using
the same search criteria. Each URL’s search result is displayed in a
separate mini-browser. Scroll the set of mini-browsers; scroll within a
mini-browser. Display a search result full screen or in Safari.

A great way to do comparative shopping, find the best retail deals, find
an apartment/home/hotel, plan and book a vacation, find a job, find the
next showing of a movie or checkout the news from multiple sources.

Select from over 145+ categories each with a set of curated URLs – 1,170+

A Universal App designed for iPhone and iPad.


  • Search all the URLs in a category at once. Exclude those URLs not to
    be included in the search.
  • Search a category URL separately.
  • Go directly to a URL’s website without a search criteria.
  • Manage the categories and their URLs – delete a category/URL,
    reposition the URLs within a category, change the name of a category,
    change the name of a URL.
  • Reinstate deleted categories and URLs.
  • Import new categories and URLs in a release.
  • Add a new category and populate it with URLs.
  • Add a new URL to a category.
  • Copy and/or move a URL to another category.
  • Save modified category list to device which is restored automatically
    the next time the app is launched.
  • Feature tips guiding user on what to do.
  • Detailed User Guide with FAQs within app and on the support website
  • Quick Tour within app of each feature. Viewed on-demand.
  • Send e-mail feedback to the developer.


  • AI & Machine Learning, Airlines: Asia, Europe, N. America,
    Oceania; Apartments, Apple, Apple Developer, Architecture & Design,
    Art & Culture, Art Museums-USA, Astronomy Magazines
  • Biotech, Book Publishers, Book Retailers, Books-Programming,
    Books-Reviews, Business Magazines, Business News
  • Car Magazines, Car maintenance, Car Rental, Car Tires, Classified
    Advertisement, Cloud Computing, Computers, Courses Online, Credit
  • Discounts, Drone News & Mags, Drugs
  • Electronics News & Mags, Electronics-Buy, Engineering News,
    Entertainment News & Mags, Entertainment-Movies, Eye
  • Fashion Magazines, Financial News, Fix It, Flight Tracking &
    Status, Flowers
  • Game Magazines, Genealogy, Governments
  • Health Info, Health Publications, Home Maintenance, Houses-Real
    Estate, Hotels, Hotels-Find
  • Information Technology, Insurance, Investment, Investment News, iOS
  • Jewelry, Jobs-Find
  • Knowledge
  • Libraries: International, USA-Academic, USA-Public
  • Magazines, Maps, Medical Journals, Men’s Magazines, Mobile Phones,
    Museums: Europe, Global, USA; Music: Classical, Opera, Popular; Stream:
    Audio, Video; Music Equipment
  • News, News Media: International, USA; Newspapers: Asia, Europe, Middle
    East, N. America, Oceania; Office Supplies
  • Photography, Political Magazines, Political News
  • Questions & Answers
  • Radio News, Realtors, Recipes, Reference-Dictionary,
    Reference-Encyclopedia, Reference-Others, Religion/Spirituality,
    Research Labs, Restaurants-Find, Reviews-Companies, Products; Rides,
    Robotics News & Mags
  • Science Fiction, Science Magazines, Science News, Scientific journals,
    Search Engines, Security, Seniors, Shopping-Brick&Mortar, ecommerce,
    Food, Clothes, Home, Home-Furniture, Lighting, Mattress, Outdoor;
    Shopping Channels, Space & Air Museums, Space & Astronomy,
    Software, Software Development, Sporting Goods, Sports: Europe, USA;
    Sports Magazines
  • Technology, Technology News, Translate, Travel: Cruises, Rail,
    Rail-Europe, Rail-N.America; Travel Booking, Travel Guides, Travel
    Planning, Travel Tours, Train Magazines, Truck Rental
  • U.S. Gov
  • Weather, Wireless Telecomm Providers