15 Puzzle Plus-3 Games in One

Three variants of the classic 15 puzzle can be played:

  1. Slide the tiles in a random sequence to a selected goal sequence.
  2. Select a magic square sequence as a goal, i.e., whose rows, columns and diagonals sum to 34. The empty position contains a phantom 16 tile.
  3. Take on a challenge puzzle and from a start sequence, reach the goal sequence in a minimum number of tile moves.


  • Tile numbers can be changed to Arabic, Eastern-Arabic, Perso-Arabic, Chinese, Hebrew, Indian, Japanese, Korean or Thai numerals.
  • Tiles in the goal position are outlined in red.
  • The start tile sequence can be shuffled before play starts.
  • The color of the even tiles, odd tiles, case and numbers can be changed to any color using a color wheel.
  • Challenge solutions can be played forward and backward.
  • Tiles moved to achieve the goal are counted and can be timed.
  • The Best Overall Score for 15 and 34 puzzles is kept and displayed.
  • All Settings and scores are persisted between app launches.
  • Detailed Help on app features within the app and on the support website verusapps.com.